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When the hot Texas sun begins beating down on your home, you need an AC that will get the job done. If your old AC system isn’t up to par, give CS Air & Heat a call.



Signs That You Need an AC Repair

The AC in your home is an essential piece of equipment. It works hard to keep your family comfortable during the hottest months. To ensure your AC system operates at peak efficiency, you must have it serviced and maintained regularly. Here are some of the most common signs you need an AC repair:

  • The air conditioner is blowing warm air or no air at all.

  • The air conditioner cycles on and off frequently throughout the day.

  • Your home feels hot and stuffy and has high humidity levels.

  • There’s a pool of water or an evident leak near your air conditioner.

  • You hear banging, grinding or clanking sounds coming from the air conditioner.

  • You notice strange smells around the air conditioner.


New Installation

According to national data, the average HVAC system is about 14 years old when it’s replaced. If your AC unit is more than a decade old and isn’t keeping your home comfortable, a replacement might be a worthwhile upgrade. Your Air Conditioner’s lifespan depends on how much you use the system, its maintenance history, and structural factors that contribute to short cycling or increased wear and tear.

As equipment ages, watch out for these warning signs that indicate your air conditioner requires replacement.

  • Increased energy use.

  • Decreased comfort.

  • Hot and cold spots.

  • Rising ownership costs.

  • Reliability issues.

  • Mechanical noise.


Whether you’re planning ahead or need an urgent replacement, CS Air & Heat will work to provide seamless service and assist you in choosing the best unit to fit your family's needs/budget. Each AC installation starts with an in-home assessment so we can prepare an accurate quote and communicate a clear scope and timeline of work/install. Our references and reviews are a testament to our professional, white-glove service when we are invited into your home.

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